It's great that you are using Smovin to manage your rental units. In this article you will find the information about how to add units, rental agreements and tenant information to your Smovin account.

If you have questions when using the application, there are a bunch of happy humans at your disposal for help. You can contact us on the chat, which you can find in the bottom right corner of your screen. 

Important sections of the application:

  • On the Dashboard you get an overview of your patrimony. 

  • In Tasks you can find a list of things that require an action to be taken. This is where you can sent a reminder to you tenant for example. 

  • Your Patrimony gives you a full overview of all your units, contracts and tenants.  

  • Your Management groups all financial information and communication. 

  • In your Address Book you  find all the information about your contacts. 

Which information can you centralise in the application?

  • All your units and the information of the owners. 

  • Your rental agreements and the information of your tenants. 

  • Your bank accounts where your receive the rent. 

  • Your documents that are linked to your units, contracts and tenants.

  • Your invoices, costs and meter readings.

  • Your notes or events you want to log with your unit or contract.

Input your real estate in the application: To start you add your real estate to the application. There are two levels of real estate you can choose from/

  • Units refer to the individual units you rent out. This can be a house or an apartment but also a room in a co-housing or a student room. 

  • Buildings make it possible to group different units. 

So if you have one house divided into 3 apartments, you add one building with 3 units. 

Add rental agreements and tenants

When you add a rental agreement and the tenant that goes with it, the application will automatically execute some actions: 

  • The application automatically creates an amount due equal to the rent and any costs for the current month. This always creates a negative balance for the contract that is added. If you have already received the rent for the current month, you can indicate this later in the application.

  • The application will verify whether the current rent can be indexed. If this is the case, an indexation task is created for this contract. You can choose to execute the indexation immediately or wait until the next anniversary of the contract.

  • The application also checks whether you have the opportunity to terminate the contract in the coming weeks. If this is the case, a task is created and you have the option to terminate or the contract. 

What is next?
You have added your first units and rental agreements to your Smovin account. To enjoy fully simplified real estate management with Smovin, you can:

  • Connect your bank accounts with Smovin for a fully automated follow up of the rents paid. 

  • Centralise and digitalise all documents that relate to your real estate and contracts in Smovin so you have these at hand at all time.

  • Complete all details of your contacts in your address book. 

  • Add notes and event to the log of your building, unit or contract. 

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